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Thanks to everyone who attended our recent summer events  Smoke On The Water and The Freedom Dinner (pictured left).

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Opponents of the new law banning smoking in cars with children say the legislation is "unnecessary", "unenforceable" and will "stigmatise millions of decent men and women".

Forest comes out fighting on the implementation of the EU's revised Tobacco Products Directive.

Do you agree that the use of e-cigarettes should be banned in enclosed public and work places in Wales? No.

Forest has reacted cautiously to calls for e-cigarettes to be made available to smokers via the NHS.

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"Tobacco is not an illegal substance yet the government is persecuting a minority. I think that's a disgrace in a social democracy."

Sir Ronald Harwood,
Playwright and screenwriter

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Are you tired of being targetted for your smoking habit?

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  • "Smoking outside not a public health issue because the only person whose health is at risk is the smoker."
    Sat 10 Oct, 2015
  • Will smoking be banned in Swansea parks and on Gower beaches? Council asks for your view via @SWEveningPost
    Sat 10 Oct, 2015
  • Another council plans to ban smoking in outdoor public places. See 'smoke free spaces survey'.
    Fri 9 Oct, 2015
  • "Inevitably anti-smoking campaigners will now target the home, the most private space of all."
    Fri 9 Oct, 2015

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