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Forest Eireann: no need to ban smoking in cars

Wed 27th July, 2011

A spokesman for smokers’ lobby group Forest Éireann has described a potential ban on smoking in cars in Ireland as “nonsense and unnecessary”.

John Mallon said the police had never enforced the smoking ban and its success was down to voluntary compliance by smokers.

Minister for Health Dr James Reilly has said he wants to ban smoking in cars where children are present.

He described it as “irresponsible” for parents to smoke in the presence of children.

"I don’t think anybody in their right mind could agree that smoking in a car with a child is a sensible, wise, moral or ethical thing to do. You are exposing them to side-stream smoke which is even more carcenogenic than inhaling."

Mallon said Dr Reilly had “real issues” to tackle in health with the downgrading of rural hospitals, the absence of health facilities for old people and children, and people lying on trolleys.

“He is looking in the wrong places. These are the issues that matter to people. There is no need to legislate to ban smoking in cars and homes. It does not make sense.”

Source: Irish Times (27 July 2011)

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