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Forest slams study that supports ban on smoking outside pubs and bars

Sun 12th February, 2012

A study by academics in New Zealand has been criticised after it based its conclusions on interviews with just 13 people.

Researchers at the Otago University in New Zealand found 12 out of 13 "social smokers" that they interviewed strongly supported extending anti-smoking legislation.

Academics then concluded that introducing banning smoking outside bars would help social smokers quit by "changing the environment that facilitates it".

ASH said the idea of an outdoor ban would be worth investigating if evidence emerges that it can help occasional smokers.

Simon Clark, director of Forest, said: "This study can't be taken seriously: it's based on just 13 people.

"Aside from that, the smoking ban was brought in allegedly to protect bar workers. Banning smoking outdoors would have nothing to do with that.

"I would also query that social smoking, having the odd cigarette, is an unhealthy activity."

Source: Daily Telegraph (21 February 2012)

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