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PM 'nervous' about car smoking ban

Wed 2nd November, 2011

David Cameron has distanced himself from plans to ban adults smoking in cars with children present. 

The Prime Minister, an ex-smoker, refused to support proposals which would outlaw lighting up in a vehicle containing youngsters.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, Labour MP for Stockton North Alex Cunningham claimed the vast majority of people backed such a ban, and asked the Government to support his Bill criminalising it.

Mr Cameron said "as a former smoker and someone who believes strongly in liberties", the ban on smoking in pubs "has worked".

But he added: "I am much more nervous about going into what people do inside a vehicle.

"I will look carefully at what you say, but we have to have a serious think before we take that step."

Source: Press Association (2 November 2011)

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