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Smokers given new shelters at hospital after ignoring blanket ban

Fri 15th April, 2011

New smoking shelters have been built at the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton after a blanket ban on cigarettes failed to stop patients and visitors smoking on hospital grounds.

New chief executive Kevin McGee said the shelters would move smokers away from the entrance so other patients were not forced to inhale their fumes or put up with the mess they caused.

"Despite our best efforts to sop people smoking on the site, it was not working. Therefore, the decision was taken to reintroduce smoking shelters in the best interest of those visitors and patients who choose not to smoke.

"We also had to accept that hospitals are places where individuals are often faced with traumatic situations and should be offered facilities to have a cigarette safely if that is what they wish to do."

But he said his stop smoking service would use the shelter to target a captive audience and try to promote the benefits of quitting to smokers.

Source: Coventry Evening Telegraph (15 April 2011)

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