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Council accused of “bullying” smokers and “over-reaching” its powers on vaping

Forest has criticised a new smoking policy that has been imposed on employees of a local council in Scotland.

From today (Thursday November 1st) workers at Dundee City Council will be banned from smoking or vaping during working hours.

Simon Clark, director of Forest, said: “Threatening employees with disciplinary action if they smoke during work breaks or while they’re working out of doors, out of uniform and between locations is tantamount to bullying.

“Smoking is not illegal. If it doesn’t interfere with their work or inconvenience colleagues, employees who wish to smoke outside during work breaks should be allowed to do so.

“A ban on vaping makes even less sense. Switching to e-cigarettes has helped a significant number of smokers in their efforts to quit.

“If there is a genuine desire to help employees stop smoking, smokers should be encouraged to vape, not threatened with the same penalties as those caught smoking.”

He added: “Smoking or vaping, the council is over-reaching its powers. Policing our lifestyle, as long as it doesn’t have a direct impact on our work or colleagues, is not the business of local government.”

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Simon Clark

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