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'The country is facing a genuine public health emergency. Let’s focus on that, not nannying folk to give up a legal habit many people enjoy.'

"Further increases in tobacco duty discriminate against those who are less well off," says Forest

Treasury must reject calls to reintroduce the tobacco tax escalator and close the gap in tax between hand-rolled tobacco and factory-made cigarettes says Forest.

Forest says campaigners must provide evidence that smoking outside is a threat to children's health before banning smoking in play parks and outdoor sports facilities.

Calls by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh to ban smoking and vaping on hospital grounds are "stupid" and "unacceptable" says Forest.

Raising excise duty on a pack of 20 cigarettes by a further 50 cents, with a pro-rata increase on other tobacco products, is a "massive own goal" says Forest Ireland.

Forest has criticised new data that allegedly shows smoking in England cost £12.5 billion in 2018.

Campaigners have reacted with fury to a call by Senator James Reilly to ban flavoured e-cigarettes in Ireland.

Campaigners have urged Ireland's Minister for Health Simon Harris to drop plans for a ban on the sale of tobacco products from self-service vending machines.

A poll of 2,057 adults conducted by Populus for the smokers’ group Forest found that only 30 per cent of adults in Great Britain think the ban on the display of tobacco in small and large shops has helped to reduce the number of children and young people who smoke.

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"Tobacco is not an illegal substance yet the government is persecuting a minority. I think that's a disgrace in a social democracy."

Sir Ronald Harwood,
Playwright and screenwriter

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