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Spokesmen for Forest are often quoted in the national and local press. You’ll hear us at all times of day and night on radio and if you don’t blink you may catch us providing a short soundbite for any number of television news or magazine programmes. Here is some of our recent media coverage:


UK introduces tobacco display ban in supermarkets and large stores. Forest spokesmen interviewed on:

06/04/2012  BBC News Channel
06/04/2012  Sky News
06/04/2012  ITV Daybreak
06/04/2012  BBC Radio London
06/04/2012  BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
06/04/2012  BBC Radio WM

Newspapers and online

31/03/2012  Ban smoking in cars call (Daily Mirror)
21/03/2012  Smokers smal tobacco duty rise (Independent)
13/03/2012  Forest launches online campaign against plain tobacco packaging (Talking Retail)
12/03/2012  Cigarette display laws could cripple tobacconists … (Birmingham Mail)
18/02/2012  No-one fined for smoking in pubs (Oxford Mail)
18/02/2012  Standard Life bans employees from smoking electronic cigarettes at work (Scotsman) 
07/01/2012  Should cigarettes have plain packets? (The Times)
03/01/2012  ‘No evidence that plain packaging will reduce smoking rates’, says Forest (Talking Retail)
29/12/2011  Branded cigarettes safer, say 25% (Press Association)
29/12/2011  Young smokers attracted by cigarette branding, says survey (Daily Mirror)
29/12/2011  Young smokers believe cigarettes in ‘glitzy’ packets are less harmful (Huffington Post)
29/12/2011  Ban on smoking in cars with children is backed by the Bevan Foundation (Western Mail)
22/11/2011  Olympic fans to stub it out (Daily Star)
14/11/2011  Edwin Poots launches car smoking ban consultation (BBC News)
08/11/2011  Nottingham City Council to make playgrounds ‘smoke free (BBC News)
22/10/2011  Lobby watch: Save Our Pubs & Clubs and Forest (British Medical Journal)
20/09/2011  Smoking in films ‘encourages teenagers to take it up’ (BBC News)
06/09/2011  Minister accused of intolerance after branding fireworks smokers ‘foul’ (Scotsman)
25/08/2011  TV chef launches e-petition to amend smoking ban (Morning Advertiser)
25/08/2011  Celebrity chef demands return of pub smoking (The Grocer)
24/08/2011  Antony Worrall Thompson launches petition for smoking ban review (Caterer and Hotelkeeper)
16/08/2011  Smoke signals (Scotsman)
07/08/2011  Smoking to be banned in parks (Sunday Times) 
08/07/2011  Smoking in cars: head-to-head with BMA (The Times) 
05/07/2011  The fag end of the argument (spiked)
04/07/2011  Is smoking still defensible? (Independent) 
04/07/2011  Smokers are discriminated against, says report (Morning Advertiser) 
04/07/2011  Report documents ‘persecution’ of smokers ( 
04/07/2011  Smokers face increasing discrimination, claims Forest funded report (Retail Times) 
30/06/2011  Doctors call for ban on smoking in cars (Scotsman)
29/06/2011  Don’t smoke and drive, say doctors calling for a ban (Daily Mirror)
29/06/2011  Dangers of smoking in cars extremely damaging to health – say BMA (Wales Online)
29/06/2011  MPs support campaign to amend smoking ban in pubs (Big Hospitality)
25/05/2011  Por qué Philip Morris considera a Uruguay una amenaza? (BBC World)
06/05/2011  Belfast International Airport charges smokers a £1 to light up (Daily Mail)
02/05/2011  Passive smoking fumes raise boys’ blood pressure (Scotsman)
27/04/2011  Treasury to cut holidaymakers’ personal tobacco allowances (Guardian)
25/03/2011  Forest calls for changes to Scots smoking ban (Morning Advertiser)
25/03/2011  Scotland’s smoking ban hailed as anniversary approaches (BBC News)
24/03/2011  Booze and fags hit by George Osborne (Daily Mirror)
24/03/2011  It’s hurting and it’s still not working (Daily Record)
23/03/2011  Forest: Budget penalises law-abiding smokers (
23/03/2011  Cheap cigarettes prompt duty change (Independent/PA)
23/03/2011  Cost of cigarettes and alcohol to increase tonight (Daily Mail)
23/03/2011  Tobacco duty rise ‘a boon to black marketeers’ (The Grocer)
23/03/2011  Budget 2011: £7 pack of cigarettes (Daily Telegraph)
22/03/2011  Five years of the smoking ban (Scotsman) 
13/03/2011  740 pubs have pulled their last pint thanks to smoking ban (Mail on Sunday) 
13/03/2011  Just what has the smoking ban really achieved? (Scotland on Sunday)
10/03/2011  Trust bosses want to make hospitals completely smoke-free (Daily Gazette)
10/03/2011  Big tobacco counter cover up (Daily Mail) 
09/03/2011  Tobacco displays to be banned from shops (BBC News) 
09/03/2011  UK plans to end display, promotion of tobacco in stores (Bloomberg) 

Radio and television

06/04/2012  BBC News Channel
06/04/2012  Sky News
06/04/2012  ITV Daybreak
06/04/2012  BBC Radio London
06/04/2012  BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
06/04/2012  BBC Radio WM
31/03/2012  BBC Breakfast (BBC1)
31/03/2012  BBC Radio Five Live
31/03/2012  BBC News Online

29/12/2011  BBC Radio London (plain packaging) and BBC Radio Wales (smoking in cars)
16/11/2011  BBC News Channel 
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Five Live Breakfast
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Four Today programme
16/11/2011  BBC Breakfast (BBC1)
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Kent
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Oxford
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Scotland
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Merseyside
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Five Live Phone-in
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Wiltshire
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Stoke
16/11/2011  BBC Radio York
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Manchester
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire
16/11/2011  BBC News Channel
16/11/2011  Scottish Television
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Two (Jeremy Vine Show)
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Wales (phone-in)
16/11/2011  Sky News (live interview)
16/11/2011  Sky News (recorded interview)
16/11/2011  ITV Lunchtime News
16/11/2011  BBC Six O’Clock News
16/11/2011  ITV Evening News
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Lincolnshire
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Tees
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Scotland
16/11/2011  BBC Radio Wales
08/11/2011  BBC Radio Nottingham
02/11/2011  LBC (James Whale Show)
26/10/2011  BBC Radio Essex
26/10/2011  BBC Radio Bristol
26/10/2011  BBC Three Counties
26/10/2011  BBC Radio Sheffield
26/08/2011  BBC Radio Essex
26/08/2011  BBC Radio Bristol
26/08/2011  BBC Three Counties
10/08/2011  BBC One Look North)
19/07/2011  BBC Radio Derby) 
01/07/2011  BBC Radio Scotland (Call Kaye)
25/05/2011  BBC Radio Norfolk
25/05/2011  BBC Northern Ireland (Stephen Nolan Show)
06/05/2011  BBC Three Counties
03/05/2011  Radio City (Liverpool)
25/03/2011  Northsound Radio (Aberdeen)
25/03/2011  Forth FM (Central Scotland)
25/03/2011  Radio Borders
25/03/2011  STV North (North of Scotland News) 
24/03/2011  Forth FM (Central Scotland)
24/03/2011  Northsound (Aberdeen) 
24/03/2011  BBC Radio WM (West Midlands)
09/03/2011  Channel 4 News 
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Five Live (Drive) 
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Cumbria
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Sussex
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Devon
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Merseyside 
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Lincolnshire
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Sheffield
09/03/2011  BBC Radio Shropshire
08/03/2011  BBC Radio Five Live (Gabby Logan)
02/03/2011  BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
02/03/2011  BBC Radio Merseyside
02/03/2011  BBC Radio Sheffield
02/03/2011  BBC Radio Wales
02/03/2011  BBC Radio London
02/03/2011  BBC Radio Jersey
25/01/2011  RTHK Radio 3 (Hong Kong) 

Articles by Forest

10/04/2012  Pointless package deal on smoking will just be the start (Yorkshire Post)
22/03/2012  Tobacco duty: don’t use taxation as form of social engineering (Huffington Post)
18/11/2011  How dare the BMA dictate how we live our lives? (Huffington Post)
08/07/2011  Smoking in cars: head-to-head with BMA (The Times) 
15/03/2011  The bully state reemerges in Lansley’s anti-smoking crusade (
09/03/2011  Whatever happened to the party of business, de-regulation and personal responsibility?(ConservativeHome) 

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Mission & Vision



Forest’s mission is to protect the interests of adults who choose to smoke or consume tobacco.


Our key aims and objectives are to:

  • counteract the “denormalisation” of smoking, and smokers
  • prevent further restrictions on the purchase and consumption of tobacco
  • establish closer links with other tobacco-friendly groups at home and abroad
  • build support among consumers of tobacco and other similarly threatened groups
  • highlight the increasingly intrusive nature of Big Government in the lives of private individuals