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Forest condemns call to ban vaping in bars and restaurants

Thu 23rd June, 2016

The smokers' group Forest has condemned a call to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in bars and restaurants.

Responding to reports that the British Medical Association wants e-cigarettes banned in enclosed public places to avoid the risk of 'passive vaping', Forest director Simon Clark said:

"The BMA has taken leave of its senses. E-cigarettes are often used by smokers who are trying to quit.

"Banning vaping would be counter-productive because it would completely undermine the number one reason for switching to e-cigarettes.

"There's no evidence that 'passive vaping' is a risk to anyone so bars and restaurants must be allowed to decide for themselves what their policy is."

He added:

"Once again the BMA has underlined its prohibitionist tendencies. Doctors should disown this ridiculous organisation before it brings the medical profession into disrepute."

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