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Forest response to High Court judgement on plain packaging challenge

Thu 19th May, 2016

Responding to the news that the tobacco companies have lost their UK High Court challenge over new plain packaging rules, Simon Clark, director of the smokers' group Forest, said:

"The judgement is very disappointing.

"Plain packaging treats adults like children and teenagers like idiots. Everyone knows the health risks of smoking and very few people start because of the packaging.

“Plain packaging has nothing to do with health. It's gesture politics designed to appease public health campaigners who are forever searching for new ways to force smokers to quit.

"Plain packaging is a declaration of war on consumers because the aim is to denormalise not just the product but also millions of adults who enjoy smoking and don't want to quit.

"If you don't smoke but enjoy alcohol, sugary drinks and convenience food you should be concerned by this judgement because the health police are coming for you too."

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