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Forest says no to ban on smoking in cars with children

Mon 6th February, 2012

Smoking in a car with children present is "inconsiderate" says Forest but a ban is a step too far.

The comments were in response to the launch of a campaign by the Welsh Government to target smoking in cars with children.

Fresh Start has been launched by the Welsh Government "to protect youngsters from the effects of second-hand smoke in a confined space. An outright ban will be considered depending on the success of the three-year campaign".

Simon Clark, director of Forest, told the BBC that a ban would be expensive, a step too far and totally unnecessary.

He said: "I disagree that they're poisoning children but I support the campaign. I think it's important to encourage parents not to smoke in a car where small children are present out of consideration for the child if nothing else."

However Clark wanted an assurance from the Welsh government that a ban would not be introduced.

"We think that would be a step too far and totally unnecessary," he said.

"And I think it's outrageous at the way they're treating smokers considering there are 10m smokers throughout the United Kingdom who contribute a massive amount to tobacco taxation - over £10bn a year.

"It's a perfectly legal product and I think it's quite wrong the way smokers have been treated."

Source: BBC News (6 February 2012)

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