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Forest urges government to delay plans to stub out smoking

Tue 9th July, 2019

Campaigners have urged the government to delay the publication of plans to stub out smoking by 2030 until a new prime minister and Cabinet have been appointed.
According to leaked documents reported by the Daily Mail, the government wants to create a smoke free society within eleven years. During that time smokers will be urged to quit or switch to harm reduction products like e-cigarettes.
Simon Clark, director of Forest, said:
“It makes no sense for these proposals to be published before the appointment of a new prime minister who may want to adopt a less hectoring, more liberal style of government.
“It’s great that smokers now have the option of switching to reduced risk products like e-cigarettes but adults have every right to smoke without being forced to quit by government and anti-smoking campaigners."
He added:
“We welcome a full and frank discussion about the government’s plans to tackle smoking but it has to include all stakeholders, including adults who have made an informed choice to smoke and don’t want to quit.
“It is frankly offensive that in a so-called liberal democracy unelected civil servants are conspiring with the tobacco control industry to force adults to give up a legal habit many of them enjoy.”

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