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Imperial warns of "nanny state"

Tue 14th June, 2011

Imperial Tobacco has launched a high-profile national advertising campaign in Australia to warn of the dangers of plain packaging.

The Australian government is pushing ahead with legislation to force tobacco products to be sold in generic packaging by July 2012.

Imperial’s ad campaign was unveiled at a press conference in Canberra hosted by Wayne Merrett, General Manager Australasia. The TV, radio and newspaper ads warn of ‘Nanny State’ legislation that erodes adult choice and sets a dangerous precedent for other products, such as alcohol and fast food.

Cathie Keogh, Head of Corporate Affairs Australia, said: “The Government has not properly consulted with the tobacco industry about plain packaging. It’s vital that we continue to warn of the unintended consequences of this misguided legislation.

“Plain packaging will encourage growth in illicit trade – which is bad news for everyone except, of course, those who profit from illegal tobacco sales.

“We urge the Government to talk constructively with us and abandon its ‘Nanny State’ approach which seeks to remove freedom of choice.”

A website for consumers NoNannyState has also been launched.

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