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Ban on flavoured e-cigarettes would be a "massive own goal"

Sat 28th September, 2019

Campaigners have reacted with fury to a call by Senator James Reilly to ban flavoured e-cigarettes in Ireland.

John Mallon, spokesman for Forest Ireland, which defends the rights of adults to smoke and vape, said:

"A ban on flavoured e-cigarettes would be a grossly disproportionate reaction because the current evidence suggests that, in terms of risk, vaping is much safer than smoking. 

"No-one wants to see children smoking or vaping but the choice of flavours is one of the most attractive aspects of vaping for adults who are trying to quit smoking.

"Banning flavours would discourage thousands of smokers from switching to a reduced risk product. It would also drive more consumers, including children, to the unregulated black market.

"In public health terms, that would be massive own goal."

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