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Ireland: Forest attacks proposal to ban smoking in outdoor areas where food is served

Mon 26th February, 2018

A ban on smoking in al fresco dining areas would be "unfair and unreasonable" and will "do nothing to improve public health".

The comments were in response to a poll carried out on behalf of Claire Byne Live and that found that 64 per cent of people would like to see smoking banned in outdoor areas where food is served.

John Mallon, spokesman for Forest Ireland, said:

"Pubs, restaurants and cafes are private businesses. Whether they choose to allow smoking outside, where there is no risk to anyone else's health, should be up to them.

"Pubs in particular took a huge hit from the smoking ban with many closing as a direct result. Why should the future of many more businesses be put at risk on the altar of tobacco control?

"Enough's enough. Banning smoking outside, even in al fresco dining areas, is unfair and unreasonable and will do nothing to improve public health."

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