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Forest welcomes Labour commitment to review causes of pub closures

Thu 11th May, 2017

Forest has welcomed the Labour party's commitment to a 'National Review of Local Pubs' to 'examine the causes for the large-scale demise of pubs', but has accused the party of "stunning hypocrisy".

Responding to the pledge, which was revealed in Labour's leaked manifesto, director Simon Clark said:

"We support the idea of a review but it's a bit late for the thousands of pubs that closed as a direct result of the smoking ban that was introduced by the last Labour government in 2007.

"The party ignored warnings that the ban would have a devastating impact so it's stunning hypocrisy to make the plight of pubs an election issue ten years later."

He added:

"The smoking ban isn't the only reason for the demise of Britain's pubs but it is a significant factor.

"In recent years polls have consistently shown majority support for allowing well-ventilated designated smoking rooms in pubs and clubs.

"If a review is to be more than a PR exercise it must take public opinion into account and consider an amendment to the ban that would meet the demands of all customers, smokers and non-smokers alike."

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