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Political commentator and former MSP to edit Forest's Free Society website

Wed 21st August, 2013

Forest has appointed political commentator and former member of the Scottish Parliament Brian Monteith as editor of its Free Society website.

The website was founded by Forest in 2008 to provide commentary on the threats to individual freedoms and lifestyles from public health officials, the surveillance state, health and safety bureaucrats and interfering politicians.  

Since then it has regularly published features on new laws being proposed at home and abroad that restrict personal freedoms.  

Contributors have included Claire Fox, director of the Institute of Ideas; Simon Hills, associate editor of The Times' Magazine; Eamonn Butler, director and co-founder of the Adam Smith Institute; musician Joe Jackson; and many more. 

As well as writing his own Wednesday column, Brian will provide a weekly summary of nanny state initiatives worldwide. He will also commission articles and features from guest contributors.  

Brian said, "I'm delighted to be taking up this important editorial role that allows me to warn people of the many threats to their hard won freedoms. 

"We will also highlight how the underhand and bullying methods that have been used against smokers are now being recycled to demonise the enjoyment of alcohol, soft drinks, savoury snacks and popular foods.  

"Back in 2010 The Free Society published my book The Bully State and, as I warned then, our politicians have not only failed to protect our freedoms but have often led the assault on them.  

"Fortunately there have been some victories for freedom and The Free Society will seek to promote those and any campaigns that can help us build an open and liberal society."

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