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Scotland: Forest criticises prison smoking ban

Fri 30th November, 2018

Forest has criticised the prison smoking ban that will be enforced in all Scottish prisons from today [30th November] and called for designated smoking areas.
Director Simon Clark said:
“No-one has the right to smoke in jail but smoking is one of the few pleasures many prisoners have. 
“At the very least inmates should be allowed to light up outside, in an exercise yard or designated smoking area."
Warning ministers about the "unintended consequences" of a prison smoking ban, Clark added:
“Evidence from England suggests that banning smoking completely has serious unintended consequences because it can fuel violence and increase the use of illegal drugs."
Responding to plans to give vaping kits to inmates who smoke, he said:
"Vaping may satisfy some prisoners but for many people vaping is still no substitute for smoking. 
"Why not offer e-cigarettes to those who want to quit, and allow them to vape in their cells, but permit designated smoking areas for those who prefer to smoke?"

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