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Smokers treated like lepers says Forest

Thu 3rd December, 2015

There has been an angry reaction to the news that smoking will be prohibited in council play parks, car parks and courtyards in Edinburgh.

Simon Clark, director of Forest, said: "This policy is ridiculously restrictive. Why should smoking be banned in car parks and courtyards?

"Smoking in the open air presents no risk to anyone else's health, and that includes small children.

"If the aim is to protect children from the sight of someone smoking there's no evidence that children start smoking because they see a complete stranger lighting up. 

"Most children start smoking because of peer pressure or because a family member smokes. Banning smoking in outdoor public places will make no difference whatsoever.

"There is no justification for such a heavy-handed policy but smokers have become an easy target for government at all levels.

"What we're seeing is a form of state-sponsored bullying. Prohibition has replaced education and a substantial minority of the population are being treated like lepers."

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