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Thumbs down for Tobacco Products Directive

Tue 8th October, 2013

Thousands of UK consumers want the EU to abandon proposals to ban menthol cigarettes, increase size of health warnings and outlaw smaller packs of roll your own tobacco. 

Proposals to ban menthol cigarettes, increase the size of health warnings and prohibit smaller packs of roll your own tobacco have received a firm thumbs down from thousands of consumers throughout the United Kingdom.

Ahead of the European Parliament vote on revisions to the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), the smokers’ group Forest has revealed that its No Thank EU campaign against the measures generated almost 45,000 letters to MPs and MEPs.

According to Forest 44,675 letters were emailed to politicians in Westminster and Brussels; 6,769 to MPs and 37,906 to UK MEPs.

Simon Clark, director of Forest, said: “The response to our campaign highlights how strongly people feel about these illiberal and potentially irresponsible measures.

“There is no evidence the Directive will reduce smoking rates among children and every chance it will encourage illicit trade. Meanwhile law-abiding adults will be prohibited from buying products they have purchased and enjoyed for many years.”

Forest campaigns manager Angela Harbutt added: “The biggest issue we faced was lack of public awareness of the EU’s plans. We estimate that three quarters of the ten million smokers in the UK are completely in the dark about the proposals.

"When consumers were told about them they were furious and only too happy to write to their elected representatives.” 

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