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Wales: Forest criticises 'smoke-free 2030' target

Mon 8th November, 2021

Forest has criticised plans to make Wales ‘smoke-free’ by 2030.

Responding to the launch of a consultation on a long-term tobacco control strategy, Simon Clark, director of Forest, said:

“Tobacco is a legal product. No-one should be forced to quit smoking yet freedom of choice and personal responsibility are being replaced by coercion and creeping prohibition.

“If people choose not to smoke that’s fine but setting a target for a smoke-free Wales is a green light for politicians and campaigners who seem determined to regulate and control people’s lives.”

He added:

“Instead of imposing further restrictions on adults who smoke, a more progressive policy would focus on education and harm reduction.

“Smokers should be informed about safer nicotine products like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco but ultimately, if adults still choose to smoke, that choice must be respected by government and society.”

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